a little about me

»in the end, we only regret the chances that we did not take.« ———— reinvention is where i thrive. reinvention is what elevates you from others.

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why reinvent yourself?

i became aware that i could not reach my goals with the way i was handling my life. so i reflected on myself and realized that i practiced habits that held me back. in order to get where i want to go, i reinvented myself as zeno, got rid of my bad habits, and attached new ones that would help me on my way to turning my dreams into reality. ———— below is a breakdown of the four things that had the biggest impact on my life:

stopped wasting time in the algorithm

implemented stoicism into my life

started to bring structure into my day to day life

became a quantum citizen

learn more about stoicism

the impact on my work

the values i bring into my work are derived from both, my former and my reinvented self. i associated values that make it possible for me to grow with my work and elevate your business through it. the crème de la crème if you will.

to the values

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